2020 has been a major step forward for Wanchain in realizing the vision initially set out in our whitepaper several years ago. We have successfully launched our decentralized, permissionless, and community controlled cross-chain wanBridges with Wanchain 5.0, and are continuing to iterate and improve our cross-chain technology. Our wanBridges are…

Wanchain’s cross-chain DeFi ecosystem ushered in great development. Cross-chain DeFi projects such as WanSwap and WanLend were born successively and achieved great success. With the continuous development of Wanchain’s cross-chain mechanism and the growth of the Wanchain ecosystem, users from the community will definitely put forward more stringent requirements and…

The “Partner-in” model allows for multiple node operators / addresses to jointly operate a node and receive delegations & rewards as a group

0. Preliminary Notes

As a Storeman node operator, you should understand the following:

  • Partner-in is non-custodial, each partner’s fund will always be returned to the original partner when the node exits
  • If the Storeman is dishonest, all partners will be slashed
  • The leader partner receives all network rewards, and distribution happens offline (assumes…

The Offline wallet can be used for extra security, and is also required for certain features such as the “partner-in” method of adding stake to POS and Storeman nodes

Support for new 5.0 Features

The v3.0.0 version of the hardware wallet primarily features updates related to the newly added Wanchain 5.0 features such as the new Storeman node and wanBridge systems.

The wallet may be downloaded from the Wanchain.org home page.

The Offline wallet does not need to be connected to the Internet to…

The newly updated wallet offers new features to support Storeman node staking and delegating functionality

If you do not already have the newest version of the wallet downloaded and installed, please download the wallet, and follow this guide to install and set it up. Make sure to back up your wallet mnemonic phrase in a safe place (on paper, not any digital format).

Update #1 — Updated Interface to Quickly Show Cross-chain Support

Now that…

Make sure to set up and register your Storeman node before the selection deadline of November 19th, 11:13am UTC+8

Immediately following the release of the Wanchain 5.0 main net GWAN client on November 11, 2020, the Wanchain Foundation initiated the selection process for the first wanBridge. The first wanBridge will connect the Ethereum and Wanchain blockchains in order to empower bidirectional flow of assets between both chains.

To learn…

All WETH & other wrapped ERC20 tokens on Wanchain will automatically be swapdropped sometime between November 6th and November 10th next week

What is the Wanchain 5.0 Swapdrop?

With the launch of Wanchain 5.0, the Wanchain cross-chain Storeman bridge will change from a permission one managed by the Wanchain foundation to a permissionless one managed by the public. Previously, the Wanchain foundation Storeman nodes issued wrapped Ether as WETH and various wrapped ERC20 tokens as W-Tokens (WETH, WLINK…

Participate in our incentivized capped mainnet DeFi options offering to win Your Share of up to 1,000,000 FNX Tokens!

We are extremely excited and proud to bring you the first iteration of our FinNexus Protocol for Options (FPO) to go live on Ethereum. To celebrate, we are inviting a select group of investors, influencers and community members to come and use our platform once it goes live.

Just click…

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